English Commercial Court dismisses claim by Vincent Tchenguiz against Jóhannes Rúnar Jóhannsson

In November 2014 Vincent Tchenguiz and related parties launched a claim in the Commercial Court in London against Kaupthing, Jóhannes Rúnar Jóhannsson (a former member of Kaupthing’s Winding-up Committee and a current member of Kaupthing’s board of directors), Grant Thornton UK LLP and two partners of Grant Thornton UK LLP.

The claim alleged that Messrs Akers, Hamedani and Jóhannes Rúnar Jóhannsson conspired to pass information, dishonestly, to the Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”), in order to instigate and encourage an investigation by the SFO into Mr Tchenguiz and his related companies in the context of Kaupthing’s collapse in October 2008, and that they did so for their own commercial gain. Kaupthing and Grant Thornton UK LLP were said to be vicariously liable for the actions of their representatives.

Today Mr Justice Knowles, a judge in the Commercial Court in London, dismissed the claim as against Jóhannes Rúnar Jóhannsson. In July 2015 the Commercial Court dismissed the claim as against Kaupthing. Mr Justice Knowles refused permission to appeal, although Mr Tchenguiz may choose to seek permission from the Court of Appeal directly. Mr Justice Knowles also awarded Mr Jóhannsson costs on an indemnity basis.

Here you can find the summary judgement in the case.