Notification of restriction of voting rights of certain shareholders of Arion Bank hf. Iceland Stock Exchange:ARION

On 21 June 2018, the Financial Supervisory Authority (the FME) notified Arion Bank hf. that the total voting rights of Kaupthing ehf., through Kaupskil ehf., and Taconic Capital Advisors LP and related parties, through TCA New Sidecar S.á.r.l., are restricted to 33% of total voting rights in the Bank. Kaupskil ehf. now holds a 32.67% share in Arion Bank hf., and TCA New Sidecar III S.á.r.l. holds 10% minus one share, for a total share of 42.67%.

The notification refers to the FME’s decisions on 22 September 2017 (see: www.fme.is), regarding the prudential assessment of Kaupthing ehf. and Taconic Capital Advisors LP and related parties to acquire a qualifying holding in Arion Bank hf., which came into effect on 15 June 2018 when the Bank‘s shares were listed on a regulated market. Furthermore, the notification states that usually voting rights of associated entities are restricted in proportion (pro rata) to their holdings, or 25.27% for Kaupskil ehf. and 7.73% for TCA New Sidecar III S.á.r.l. respectively, but that parties may decide to divide their restricted voting rights differently.



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